A colorful opening with cultural extravaganza


The colorful opening of the 19th Commonwealth Games in New Delhi on Sunday surpassed all the expectations!!  It is really a glittering ceremony which showcased the diversity and cultural pride of India. The show erased the negative publicity about problems with the preparations, corruption and chaos of the past few weeks.

After the customary athletes parade, Prince Charles read out the message of Queen Elizabeth II and President of India Pratibha Patil officially declared the Games open with the words "Let the Games begin". As the clock struck seven to signal to start the prestigious ceremony, the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium brightens with an aerostat- a white helium-filled balloon which rose 25 metres (80 feet) above ground level. The nine-million-dollar aerostat showcased India's rich culture.

The opening Ceremony attracted the global audience with variety of events .The most awaited Theme song  Jiyo  Utho  Bado  Jeeto (meaning Live, Rise, Ascend, Win ) by A. R .Rahhman was the grand finale to the ceremony. With the Namaste dance where dancers formed the shape of two palms pressed together the people of India welcomed the guests in a common Indian greeting style. The song Swagatam by noted singer Hariharan, the seven year old Keshav's performance on the tabla, and the "Great Indian Journey" the performance of more than 6000 artists showcasing 5000 years of Indian culture made the ceremony a historic event.

The marching event forms an important part of the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games 2010.The host nation of the CWG 2006; Australia led the parade while India stood at last. The participating nations joined the event according to the alphabetical order. The competition starts with the women's 200m freestyle swimming heats on Monday.

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