FIFA World Cup 2010 Final: Waka Waka Its Time for Spain


Waka Waka This time for Spain. Spain has created history. European champion Spain has won , 19th fifa world cup of football South Africa.
Spain has defeated the Netherlands by one goal at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg. Both team played well, but Andres Iniesta who turned the match upside down with a winning goal.

This is the first time Spain has ever reached the WorldCup finals. In the maiden attempt itself, Spain lifts the World cup marking the history. No goal was scored in the usual time even though both played aggressively. The match went into extra time and again either Spain or Holland failed to give a goal at the end of the first extra-time. In the 116th minutes of the match that Spain midfielder Andres Iniesta scored one goal to write Spain's name in World Cup annals. 

Spanish fans danced the night away in the streets with joy and excitement .The first ever World Cup dream sparked a nationwide fiesta.The 89,000-capacity stadium erupted in cheers and vuvuzela blowing everywhere. The anti-apartheid icon and Nobel laureate Nelson Mandela, South Africa's first elected president made his long-awaited appearance at the World Cup yesterday. World Cup has been concluded with the Waka Waka Song of Shakira

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