Infosys to issue Social Media Policies for employees


Indian Software giant, Infosys plans to introduce a social media policy for its employees who are active in various social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Orkut. Infosys is the first Indian company to introduce the policy which is prevalent outside India.

According to Nandita Gurjar, the senior vice-president and group head, Human Resources, at Infosys, the policy aims at curbing the employees from sharing confidential and sensitive company information on unprotected places like social networking sites. On behalf of some serious confidentiality break from two employees working on same projects who shared project information through Facebook, Infosys plant to protect its company secrets from open forums.

The new policy will enlist a set of dos and don’ts that the employees are expected to follow about revealing projects or client engagements on open forms. The employees are restricted on passing any personal comments about any of its employees. The policy will enable to take legal action against its employees who share the project or any client details on such media, thus breaching the confidentiality of the company.

An ASSOCHAM survey  reports that social networking sites kills productivity of corporate employees by 12.5%.The survey carried out in  cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin,  Mumbai, Pune and Chandigarh shows an average corporate employee spends an hour each day on various social networking sites such as Orkut, Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn etc.

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