Safe shopping with Visa CodeSure: A new credit card to prevent online fraud


US global payments Technology Company Visa's European team has introduced a new credit card which will help to prevent online frauds. The new card-Visa CodeSure is designed with a keypad and digital number display.

The Visa CodeSure is like any other card, with a 12 button keypad and a digital screen which displays a constantly changing series of unique security passwords needed for internet shopping. It has a battery that will be able to power the security system for 3 years.

The main advantage of the card is that it can be only used by the person who knows the PIN. The user needs to input their PIN on the keyboard, which will then generate a unique password including letters and numbers. Visa CodeSure uses multichannel authentication technology.

CodeSure will allow users to access their online bank accounts with the secure password generated each time thus avoiding same password all the time. With the new technology the need for a separate card reader is eliminated and can avoid the “Verified by Visa” system where users need to input a pre-defined password to provide an extra form of security. Visa hopes to reduce internet crime to a great extent with the new card. Visa with partner Emue Technologies developed and conducted trails with eight banks and their customers in countries including the UK.

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