North Korean World Cup coach forced to become a construction worker


The North Korean coach Kim Jong-Hun has been sacked from the Workers' Party of Korea and degraded as an unpaid construction worker following the poor performance in the FIFA World Cup. It is reported that Kim fears he could soon be executed. 

North Korea's football team which lost all three World Cup matches in South Africa, has been suffered a six-hour public inquisition at the People's Palace of Culture in Pyongyang. Under coercion, every player confessed their mistakes and blamed the defeat on the coach.

Further Kim has been accused of betraying Kim Jong-un, the son and heir of the great leader Kim Jong-il. North Korea's succeeded in the in qualifying match for the World Cup for the first time in last 44 years. This made the Party to organize countrywide celebratory lectures in recognition of Kim Jong-un's accomplishment. Only two Japanese-born players avoided the public humiliation as they flew straight to Japan after the tournament.

The live broadcasting of games had been banned in North Korea to avoid national Embarrassment.This is for the first time a foreign football match has ever been broadcasted in North Korea after the brave 2-1 defeat to Brazil. But they stopped broadcasting the second half of the live match against Portugal after the poor performance of 7-0.The match went unreported in the next day's newspapers.

 It is reported that the North Korean athletes and coaches who performed badly in the international level were sent to imprisonment earlier. According to the Daily Express, North Korea has executed two top officials recently.

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